Friday, 3 June 2016

Fun. Freedom. Confidence - The all new Datsun redi-GO

In the urban hustle and bustle, traffic gets the better of us. No matter how luxurious cars we have, we all are stuck in the same traffic. To match the urban driving conditions, you need a car that matches up to that. The all new Datsun redi-GO is perfect and India’s first urban cross that fits exactly in the definition of a good urban hatchback. Although there are many features to talk about the new Datsun redi-GO, let’s checkout some of the best ones which make it worth your money and time.

The all new design

Looks of the car matter to a great extent and must say that the Datsun redi-GO is among the best looking hatchback available in the market now. It looks compact and sleek which is perfect for modern cities. The design is made in a way which gives you more room in the car as well as makes it look good too.

Best in class ground clearance

Ground clearance matters in a country like India as you never know how the road conditions get. Thus, the Datsun redi-GO comes with a higher ground clearance which is appropriate for cities and urban conditions.

Heightened stance of the car

The stance of the car is quite heightened so that your heads and shoulders are above you. With this feature you will get a wider road view and a better overall view of the surroundings which will ensure better safety.

Tail Lamp design

Usually all cars have a similar kind of tail lamp but the Datsun redi-GO has a different look which distinguishes it from other cars. You will love it when you see it.

Classy interiors

The interiors are fairly very good and feel classy. There is enough space for a normal family of 5 people and there will be additional space left for luggage too. It is truly amazing how such a small car can pack in so much inside it.

Modern Dashboard

The dashboard is quite modern and looks great. The design is made intuitive so that a driver can do whatever he wants quickly and easily. There is a digital tachometer which looks fantastic and the drive computer helps tell you about the status of your fuel.

Sporty Fabric

The fabric of the car looks quite sporty and feels good as well. The car seats have these fabrics and this makes it comfortable for you to sit and drive.

I would love to test it around the streets of Mumbai because I believe there is no other city which is as urban as Mumbai is. I would test the new Datsun redi-GO for how much mileage it provides as it would be a great factor with the rising petrol costs. Also, I would test it for the comfort it provides because when stuck in traffic or riding through the freeways, the car needs to be comfortable.

Overall, this would make a perfect car to drive in Mumbai because of the cool new features as well as the stylish looks.

Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross - Datsun redi-GO - the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Gajar ka Halwa with the all new Sugarfree Natura

You can’t deny how much you love desserts and crave to eat them. We all have a sweet inclination towards everything sweet, be it food or people. But sometimes, because of some restrictions that our health poses on us, we are denied of all that we want to eat. People suffering from diabetes are victims of this, they hardly can eat what they love, which is a disappointing thing to hear since eating good food shouldn’t be a luxury only a few blessed ones can afford.

But just like every problem, there’s a solution to this too. What is the culprit? Sugar? So just remove it from all your sweet dishes and you are ready to eat them without they doing any harm to your health. But sweets without sugar wouldn’t taste anything right? So here’s the magical solution - the all new ‘Sugarfree Natura’.

With Sugarfree natura, you get the same taste of sugar without sugar in it, the name says it all, it is sugar free. What could be better than being able to eat all your favourite sweet dishes with all their sweetness but without the sugar. Perfect.

So let’s see a recipe of what you have always loved with the all new ‘Sugarfree Natura’ substituting the sugar in it. You love Gajar ka Halwa, don’t you?

Let’s start by sorting out all the ingredients in the first place. You’d need  8-10 Carrots medium grated,  2 cups of Skimmed milk, 3 tbsp. Pure ghee, 1/4 teaspoon Green cardamom powder 1/3 cup Sugarfree Natura, ¼ cup of Grated khoya and just 10-12 Pistachios blanched peeled and sliced for garnishing.
Now let’s make our favourite sweet dish with the new ‘Sugarfree Natura’. It would just take minutes before you and your family can eat all of it.

Flame the gas and heat the Pure ghee in the non-stick kadai, then add all the grated carrots and saute it for about 5-7 minutes. After the carrots, add skimmed milk to the kadai and start cooking by mixing it with the grated carrots nicely. Then, time to Green cardamom powder for some extra flavour and finally add the magical ingredient Sugarfree Natura for all the sweetness you need in your Gajar ka Halwa. Add the khoya for increased texture and sweetness. Cook it till it dries up and then garnish it with the pistachios we have. That’s it!

We just saw how simple it is to make something you love with the new Sugarfree Natura. It is indeed a blessing for people who can’t eat their favourite sweets just for their health’s sake. Now it is made possible by the people at Sugarfree Natura who have made a brilliant product that keeps the sweetness but not the sugar.

Share your own recipes with Sugarfree Natura and tell me how helping this product has been in your life, it could be either you who could not eat sugar or your family members who can now enjoy their favourite part of the meal - the desserts - with the rest of their family.

Friday, 27 November 2015

Mumbai - the city of life

When it comes to choosing a city as your favourite, it has to be the one you live in. Not because you live in it but for everything that it gave you, the moments of joy, liveliness and the air that you breathe. Something about Mumbai always fascinates me, it surprises you with its hustle while you are here and it makes you feel nostalgic while you are out. It owns you and you own it, everyone belongs to it just as it belongs to everyone.

These three things make Mumbai the best city there is:

It is often famed for what it has for everyone who comes here. The city of dreams they call it. A city doesn’t gets raved this much just for the opportunities it gives or the livelihood it provides. The city has the energy to give wings to your dreams, to let you fly, to make you believe in yourself and the vibe that it has to let you be who you want to be. Mumbai drives you to be better at everything you do. The glimpse of any cross section of the city fills you with hope in some way or the other.

Everything that feels good is designed to feel so. When it comes to the city as a whole, Mumbai is beautifully designed along its breadth. The city just feels nice to be in. You can go wherever and feel as comfortable as your home in Mumbai. Be it the beautiful queen’s necklace or the elegant sea link, everything just seems gorgeous. There are parts of the city not much developed to please our eyes but it feels good that we embrace every part of the city and want to see it become as good as the best places in our city.

You can be complete strangers and yet connect with them the first time you look into each other’s eyes, this is the level of connection that people in Mumbai share. People will win your hearts over by gestures that you wouldn’t have expected of them, it doesn’t matter if you don’t know each other by name but everyone is willing to help everyone else. A city is made of its people and when its people are so cordial to be with, you connect with its people as much as you connect with the city itself.

Of course there are things we aren’t proud of as Mumbaikars, but nothing in this world is flawless and like we are with our loved ones, we are biased towards the good things leaving all the negativities aside. It is not perfect, but we love it the way it is and always shall do so. And like you pray and wish for something you love, you always hope it gets better and never disappoint its people over something it can’t do for them.

This post is the result of a great initiative by Tata Motors for #madeofgreat, who believe only those can achieve great things in life who are made of great and not everyone but a few in a millions are made of great, just like the cars they build.

Friday, 13 November 2015

My Father is Made of Great

Greatness is not something what we feel lies within us. Greatness is something that others sense within us. The way they tread their life overcoming all the difficulties, the way they stand out from others and the way the live their lives. That is what makes them great. A person who knows the obstacles yet has the courage to defy the conventions and come out as a winner in life is someone who is made of great.

While we all idolize celebrities, superstars, world class athletes all for the right reasons and they deserve to be revered, we forget those who made us who we are. The one who is made of great is selfless in all his endeavours and tries to make our life better with their greatness. For me, it has always been my father.

Guidance with freedom

Most parents are either too independent of their children or snatch away their freedom and want them to do everything their way. Either way is the wrong way, one needs freedom to make their own choices yet guidance on what those choices would lead to. I have been extremely fortunate to have parents who raised me exactly the way one should, I now realize it how important it is in our upbringing.

We need to be sensible enough to make our own decisions and know that there are people who we can rely on if it doesn’t works out. Our parents are the closest people we have. My father has always given me freedom to do what I desire to yet guide me at the right places and protect me from being hoodwinked into something wrong.

An epitome of success

When you are among people who have achieved a lot in life, you want to become like them. If I ever become a person like my father is, I would be more than happy for it. During my days of growing up, I have seen his hard work and the change in the life he gave us. We were from an extremely modest background and now, we are way more than how we financially were a decade back. All because of his hard work and resilience. One needs grit to support his family and achieve spectacularly in life.

I have known the importance of failures from him, nothing has happened overnight, he is successful because of overcoming and being persistent through all his failures. I am hugely inspired by this and wish to inculcate it in myself.

Unconditional love

I have learnt to love because of my parents. My father has always taught me to love without any conditions, and I can see the testimony of it in the way he loves our family. If we love someone for a reason, we have other motives behind it but when we love without any need for a reason, it is true love. And I have learnt what true love is through him. Being happy in my happiness and supporting in all good what I wish to do, is the sign of his love.

He never demands something in return for it, he says that his family’s happiness is what brings him happiness. And for me, that is what true and unconditional love is.

All that I am and shall ever become I owe it to my parents, they’ve had the most positive impact in my life and that is what shapes me as a human being to lead a good life. My father is truly and undeniably Made of Great for all that he is and makes us to be.

Tata Motors

This post was inspired by Tata Motors, who believe that only someone who is Made of Great can build trust, simplicity and a sheer commitment to innovation. With this, they’ve also associated with Lionel Messi, who in himself is made of great and resonates with the brand Tata Motors.

Would love to hear who in you life you know is #madeofgreat, tweet it with the hashtag to @tatamotors. If you’re on Facebook you could like and share their page Tata Motors. And watch this brand new association of Lionel Messi and Tata Motors on what drives them from within us what makes them great.

Sunday, 25 October 2015

The most beautiful smile - McCain

Food is the way to every one's heart, we've known this from ages. No one can be unhappy after having good food. We crave it, we love it and we can probably do anything for good food. We're lucky to have such loving moms in our homes who satisfy our need for good food. They do everything for us and fulfill our demands without even we asking for it. They worry when we don't eat and wait for us to eat before they do. This time, let's make them smile. Let's make the person smile who prays for our smiles. Let's do something what she does for us throughout her life, treat her with some awesome delicious food. Now, for us to make food is something we haven't done anytime so it has to be easy to make, simple and should be delicious to eat. Our moms won't complain even if our food is bad still we need to impress us with our skills, after all we are their kids. For showing off our culinary skills, we need some food that is as good as our mom's delicious food. McCain comes to the rescue After thinking for so long, McCain comes to my mind. It is delicious, easy to make and good to impress with the least amount of innate cooking skills required. I would just have to open the packet and deep fry it for it to be ready to eat. That's it. I don't seem to find anything easier to make and tasty to eat, it's surely one of its kind. We've always craved fries and these are the most delicious ones. The tastiest evening snack Now the next time it's a holiday for me, one evening I shall secretly open the McCain packet in the fridge and while mom is asleep, I will make it for her. Now with internet at the helm I will also see if there are any cool recipes with McCain that I can make. Then it's time for serving my hard work (or McCain's actually). I might eat a few while making them as well, they are so good in taste. They just melt in your mouth after the initial crisp and it feels like the most delicious snack on earth, it really is. The final impression Now, after all the planning and execution, it will be time for the final impression when I take it out in front of my mom after she wakes up from her afternoon nap. I am extremely eager to see how she would react and surely, she would have the most beautiful smile then. With the help of McCain, I would be fortunate to see the most beautiful smile I can, of my mom. Check out McCain snacks and make your loved ones smile, after all they are the reason of our smiles too.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

The joy of Real Togetherness - Kissanpur

Since the advent of technology enhanching the way we communicate, it has done us as much bad as it has done us good. This may be not fully true for everyone of us but this is a known fact that we spend most of our times with our smart phones. Facebook has become everyone's formal gathering and Whatsapp the daily talk. We don't say our opinions to each other anymore, we tweet it. And photo albums have become so old school, we Instagram now a days. The thing that one can see missing in this is the personal face to face interaction that is missing from our daily lives. Of course, these new web technologies have mend the gaps between relations but if we look closely, they have also spoilt many memories that we could have had otherwise.

Spending time with our loved ones can't be substituted with anything else. The joy of togetherness is often underestimated. We're busy with our worried life and don't give the amount of time our close ones deserves.

For me, Real Togetherness means being for each other not only in our happy or sad times, but being together witout any need for a reason just because it feels good to be with each other. We've unfortunately forgotten the art of caring for each other, making each other happy and building meaningful relationships.

Everything is temporary in our lives, except our relationships. It depends on us to make them work and as per todays trends, it seems a difficult goal.

Kissan has been a brand that is highly associated with us right from our childhood when we were in school to our college days and will continue to be with us when we will work in our offices. We remember the Bread and Jam of our childhood, the frankies and sauce in our colleges and when nothing else falls our way a Chapati rolled with Jam has always helped cope up with hunger.

Not only our hunger, but Kissan has always been influential in our daily connection with our family. How? Remember the early morning tiffins your mom made for you, the hurried breakfast, the late night go-to food you've had with your siblings. Sometimes, we are so involved with a particular brand that we can't think of any other for that particular need - Kissan has been one such brand.

This time, they take it a level higher. With Kissanpur, Kissan is inviting us all to be a part to celebrate what we know as Real Togetherness. It is time to break the shuckles of our smart phones and start building relationships that will last forever. That is what Kissanpur is meant to do. Such a beautiful initiative by Kissan to bring us closer to the people we love. It is really valuable to spend time with our loved ones, we'll create memories with them that shall always keep us happy.

So, be a part of Kissanpur and connect in person, by feeling and sharing real emotions in the real world. Experience what Real Togetherness is, with Kissan.

Watch this cool video to know more:

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Transfer all your entertainment with Tata Sky+ Transfer

A dose of entertainment is all we need on most of the days to get into the zone we love to be in. Our busy schedules, stressful jobs and adamant people who stay with us in our homes snatch that entertainment fix most of the times. In fact, like someone great once said, all we need is entertainment, entertainment and entertainment.  

It's certainly not possible to sit in front of your TV the whole day and even if that is possible, getting to watch what you want is not. In a world that is highly mobile, we hardly look into any other device for our source of entertainment. There are several mediums through which we can watch TV on our phones but none of them serves the purpose right. They have drawbacks that ruin the whole experience of watching tv on your phone.  

Be it movies, music, sports or news, we all have our different choices regarding what to watch and it feels rude to just snatch the tv remote away from your mom and watch what you want. You don't always have to go through an argument that never ends. 

Just like everytime, Tata Sky comes to the rescue. When it comes to television entertainment, it has always pioneered the frontier and has kept changing with the changing demands. It is a true testimony of a brand that cares for its customers and their wishes. 

Bringing a whole new concept in media entertainment and changing how we consume it. Their latest offering is called Tata Sky+ Transfer and I am too excited to tell all what it can do and see a lots of problems that we had getting solved just with this single new offering from Tata Sky. 

No more fights over the remote. 
With the Tata Sky+ Transfer, you can Record your favourite TV shows with no more hassle over whether you will even get to watch the recorded version either, because you can transfer the recorded show to any device you like and carry it with you. 

So imagine how cool it is to watch anything, anytime, anywhere and on any device you want. You had always wanted this to happen, right? 

Finally everyone can watch TV together 
No not dividing the screens into numerous little ones and not being able to see even one nicely. Everyone has smartphones and each one of you can enjoy your own form of entertainment in your own device without being a distraction to the other. 

How? It's as simple as watching it on your TV set. You can live stream whatever you want that is being played on your tv through your home wifi. Coo, isn't it? 

Watch it anywhere. 
What's my favourite feature is that I can take it with me anywhere I want regardless of whether I have an internet connection or not. That is the coolest thing to have. Long lines, heavy traffic and delays can't stop us from being entertained now. 

You know the feeling of not having an internet connection and feeling helpless, with Tata Sky+ Transfer at your home, you can enjoy it even when you are out. 

I will make the most out of what Tata Sky has to offer with these things, of course there are several other cool features that one can discover on their own. It's a whole lot convenient to watch things on demand hassle free and Tata Sky+ Transfer promises just that. 

Your TV viewing experience will change forever for the better. 

Watch this funny video that summarizes most of what I want to say and checkout this awesome website for Tata Sky+ Transfer  

Tell how you'll use the cool new features of Tata Sky+ Transfer to change the way you see TV in the comments below